Tarot card reading for November 2016

Tarot card reading and astrological tips for November 2016

At the beginning of every month we pull three Oracle cards or Tarot cards, for a generalized prediction of the month. We hope you enjoy them!

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This month we used the mini ‘Pagan Cat Tarot’ deck for this month reading, produced by Lo Scarabeo, Italy Lo Scarabeo Tarot. It’s a cute little deck (little as in ‘the cards are small’, which is good if you have small tiny hands like Jyothi) that doesn’t deviate much (in fact, respects quite a lot) from the symbolism of more ‘traditional’ tarot decks, while at the same time is packed with cute funny feline characters and elements in each and every image.PS – This is the deck that we used in our first monthly reading back in March and we have been steadily adding followers since then – when did you first find out about us?

For the beginning of the month we pulled the Ten of Swords (Air). This card is often associated with betrayal, backstabbing, people being mean and unfair to us. But its real spirit is often mis-understood: while you might be experiencing feelings of failure, facing the end of a period, even if things seem at their worst, it is precisely at this point that things can really start to get better. More philosophically, this card symbolizes the end of the cycle of air (the mind): we might have reached the consciousness that the ways of the ‘normal’ world, living like Pavlovian dogs, stimulated by media, corporations and bad food are not the end of it all; that there is a greater meaning to be grasped, higher ideals to follow, a different way of life, and that the intellect and science alone cannot describe nor define completely our experience as souls. It’s time to let go of things, people or places that bring our vibrations down and take distance from everything that keeps you in worldly fear and insecurities, and prevents you from fulfilling your life mission. Pay close attention to your feeling, and try not to dwell in the negative ones, but keep them uplifted, so that you can focus your energy on visualizing the outcome you want, not the one you dread.

For the central part of the month we have pulled the last of the Major Arcana, ‘The World‘. Getting this card in a reading is extremely auspicious: expect miracles, great success, and a sense of fulfillment, completion and achievement this mid-November! It’s the completion of a time that provided you with many lessons for your soul, and under the Full Moon of Monday 14th your wishes will come true. What things will come true will largely depend on your soul work in the past year, and the focus you have been keeping thru the first part of the month and this lunar cycle.

The card we drew for the last part of the month is the ‘Knight of Pentacles‘ (Earth). This knight is pragmatic, practical, dependable. He cares for the land (that’s where the goat comes into play) and he’s a skilled craftsman and master of many trades. Like all ‘court’ cards (kings, queens, knights and pages) this might represent a person you will come across in the last part of November, or it might suggest that you embody the spirit of this knight take a pragmatic, methodical approach to your current projects, and proceed with your long term view, using the resources at your disposal in the most effective way.

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