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Oracle cards for the new moon weekend 29-30 October

For this new moon weekend, we pulled some Oracle cards from new decks we have recently added to our toolkit.

“Listening” from “The Enchanted Map Oracle cards” by Colette Baron-Reid, depicts an Elephant that immediately makes me think of its qualities: big ears for listening, makes me think of Ganesh who removes obstacles, it is patient, it has good memory, it reminds me of a life free from conditioning and in nature. There are some music notes flying in the air. It is true that I do get a lot of messages from the universe and the angels through sound and music. Be careful with music, though, because most messages in commercial music and that you hear on radios or from famous, tormented, unresolved-but-famous singers will bring your vibration down. Something completely different is when I hear a message in the singing of a bird, or in the wind, or in the waves splashing on the shore. I know I can trust that.

So, listen, and you will find what the next card talks about, “Inner truths” (from “Nature’s Whisperers Oracle cards” by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall). It shows a dark forest – or cave – where magical secrets are awaiting, and we might be confronted with our deepest fears. A girl is walking thru this place, but she carries a light. It is only natural to be in some distress and worry, under a new moon, which is a completion of a cycle and which sets the energies for the next one. At the same time, a new moon is a moment to let go of what does not serve us, and step into our next phase with a lighter load. And this new moon has all the potential to walk us all through our collective fears and make us dig deep, like when searching gems in that cave, facing truths that can no longer be denied. But rest assured that from this journey, Light will be found and Love will win.

“Curiosity”, our third card, from the “Magical Unicorns Oracle cards” by Doreen Virtue, sets the tone for embarking onto new adventures that you have maybe visualized and set in motion in the previous cycle, and go in search for adventure, following your heart. When you intuitively get guidance about something that you would like to do or explore, something that aligns you with your divine mission, go for it. Our cat in the background seems to be a little worried of the journey, but she knows there will be something of lasting value to be learned through it.

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