Boy's or Girl's colors?

Gender and society

In this pretty statue (which we photographed in a church in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy), baby Jesus is wearing a very pink outfit.

If it’s good for baby Jesus, why shouldn’t it be good for your son? It’s just that fashion about what colors you are supposed to wear has changed over the centuries…

We live in a world that loves gender-ization of goods – toys for boys and toys for girls, colors for boys and colors for girls, different hair styles, sports/activities that create separation, too… both kids and adults are continuously pushed into following pre-determined models that are often sex-ified (and therefore sexists): perfumes for him an for her, and so forth…

This is to follow the ‘Dividi et Impera’ idea from the ancient Romans: divide and conquer. Or, in capitalistic terms: divide (your target audience) and sell stuff to them.

Why do we still fall victim to this crap that society dumps on us?

We are just all souls having an earthly experience, for which we get a body to drive around… but that’s about it. Our body is not our identity. Our clothes are not our identity. Our sunglasses, cell phones, deodorants, hair styles are just decorations but are not us. They can’t alone define us.

A man is not more or less of a man because he dresses or smells a certain way, but because of his thoughts, words and actions.

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