Ready to be alive?

Are you ready to be alive?

We are heading into a weekend of enthusiasm and adventure, of exuberance.
Today (Friday 14th), step into your full imaginative power, keep a hand on your heart and visualize the world you want. Dream all that you can be, with the Moon still in the visionary sign of Pisces.
Uranus in strong opposition with the Sun will push us to take action towards a better world where our individual differences are revered rather than sedated. Our intentions and your view of yourself are the key ingredients in this Magick.

The Full Moon in Aries of Saturday 15th will set fire under the pan and start the cooking process, so to say.
This is a time to not shy away from action, but to spontaneously and joyously take on those practical challenges that will make the next step manifest.

Drop your fears! Get reborn into the light, and shine!

PS – We will be on holiday (or on a secret mission – you decide) starting today. Expect reduced activity from us for a week or so.

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