What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Grow kids who want to explore themselves and the world, and really understand who they are.

Don’t teach them what you already know; teach them how to find out their own truths. They might reach your same conclusions, or different ones – and that is the whole point of how evolution works.

Allow them the space to be bored and quiet, because that’s when ‘ah-ah’ moments arrive. Do the same for yourself: be an example of someone who is able to just be, without the need to always be asking other people’s attentions, like society seems to suggest these days.

Teach them to meditate.

Point them at the real value of things, not their price.

Listen to their ideas, dreams and visions – because their connection to source is still wide open, and they bring wisdom on earth. Believe in their dreams. A lot of what they say are not ‘silly’ things at all, in fact they are quite profound.
We think we learn from our kids a lot more than we actually teach them. Or maybe they are just ‘different’ things that we teach each other: we try to make them prepared for this material plane, and they help us heal ourselves and connect us back to the Divine. If we hurry to close their channel too quickly, we miss out, and we set them up for harder work later on to re-open that same channel.
For this reason, please don’t ask them to commit to a stereotype or plan, and please take their words seriously; don’t clip their wings with your ‘solutions’, even before they are able to attempt their first flight.

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