Trust the wisdom of your heart

Trust the wisdom of your heart

Take a bold but somewhat calculated risk – not out of restless desire, but because you know deep within that what you intend to do actually does make sense for the greatest good of all – even if people tell you that you are crazy, even if they tell you it will never work, even if they all tell you to give it up and they all try to put you down. Do it anyway. It’s just their fear speaking. They are afraid to take bold steps themselves, and they are throwing their fears at you because they don’t want to work on them for themselves. They have no idea of your life, your priorities and your abilities – they are just applying man’s limited ‘logic’, but they have no real visibility into your soul and your heart, your pains, your feelings, your personal history.

Let them be, because you can’t explain certain things to all people anyway. But don’t let them waste your time nor hold you back. Stay polite but set your boundaries. Their approval is not necessary to live your life, and in fact it has never been.

Wait no more.
Follow your heart and your dreams.
The time is now.

PS – Heads up! Following our own advice, we will be on holiday (or on a secret mission – you decide) starting Friday 14th for a week or so. Expect reduced activity from us during that time.

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