Sun square Pluto and the first quarter moon have been an emotional roller coaster the last couple of days. Pluto brings up and uncovers our demons, our deep rooted fears, our deepest emotional scars.
Hopefully the transformation brought was not too abrupt, even if the surges of energy have been pretty intense.
With Mercury into Libra now we can find ways to get back into balance, and we discover the playfulness that life can offer us, rather than seeing reality as a list of ‘should’s.
Stop beating yourself up for being the way you are, or for not being what others think you should be.

It takes some hard work to move beyond the behaviors and attitudes that we have learned, once we came to this physical plane and incarnated into human beings: fear, anger, regret, guilt, jealousy and all the other negative emotions that come up when you compare yourself to others, to society’s shallow models and examples, to what others tell you that you should be. Just focus on all that you are. Your soul is divine and lovable the way it is. Your ego, on the other hand, tends to require constant managing.

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