The quality of every human activity ultimately depends on our motivation.

What are you busy with?

Allow yourself to be inactive.
Only when you are completely quiet and unaffected by surrounding vibrations you can learn to be in touch with your true inner self.
Hear the inner voice of faith and love that lives within each and every one of us. This is the gentle, inner child voice, the one who might have been hurt and wounded very much by society, the being of light who knows what your purpose in this life is.
Only when you quiet the ego you can finally understand what your soul wants and listen to its voice, hear what really feels right, and what wonderful options you might have been dismissing because of fear and doubt. How often did you get thrilled and excited about a new idea or inspiration you just got, only to thrash it only one minute later because your ego and your rational mind told you it was ‘unpractical’ or ‘too risky’ or even ‘crazy’, but deep inside you knew and felt that it would make absolute sense to you – just you and you loved ones – regardless of what everybody else might be thinking out there?

We try too often and too hard to control the outcome of whatever we are doing or involved with. We get nervous if things don’t go according to our ideal plans. We try to force things. Often our toxic workplaces demand that we do just this.
How often do we allow ourselves to just wait, to enjoy, to be fully present without running left and right, to recharge our emotional battery by making our moments infused with meaning, and our lives memorable?
Many people do not allow themselves these quiet moments very often, or at all. Our society glorifies being always ‘busy’, overflows us with information all the times, temps us into entertainment and socially-allowed escapist tendencies (gambling, drinking, spending your life on Facebook or at work…) by calling our lust, gluttony or boredom – all of which source from the emptiness we feel around us, an emptiness that cannot be filled with ‘things’.

Positive emotions and ideas need to flow spontaneously, in order to create or contribute to something worthy.
Real beauty can’t be forced and can’t be faked. In order for us to gain understanding – and compassion – for other people and for ourselves, in order to shine our light, in order to create something positive, we need to be clean from the impact of the strong emotions – often based on fear, anger or guilt – that both media and society triggered in us. In other words, we need to have rationalized, ‘digested’ and integrated the emotions associated with our experiences: something we don’t often allow ourselves to do, always running towards the next hectic experience, the next active moment, piling up unresolved input that doesn’t have time to get processed.
Often, on workplaces, we don’t even allow ourselves to question what are we working on? What type of change in the world will this bring? Is this ‘speedy’ world really the one we want? Does it align with our values?
Think about it: where does the pressure we feel come from? It’s not our internal compass that suggests us to live this way! It’s the way we have been and keep being conditioned into thinking that we always need to do more, that we never have enough, that things need to happen fast – without thinking spaces in between – according to superimposed schedules and expectations of someone else.

Let’s take care of ourselves first.

Then we will see that we can work smarter, not harder, and that we don’t have to do what does not align with our values, and we can instead work on something that we can do with Love – not with stress and fear – and which will have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?” – Henry David Thoreau

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