Are you willing to receive?

Are you willing to receive?

The energy continues to be intense, as it has shifted after Mercury ended its retrograde period and went direct a couple of days ago, and we passed the Equinox.
Yesterday Venus moved into Scorpio, raising intensity in relationships. This could have started either way: this fire could strengthen your relationship to new levels or it could rip it apart. That’s how Scorpio is, and it depends on how you get affected by it. We’ll stay in this configuration for about a month.

Today the Moon shifted into Cancer, which brings us back to our needs for home, protection, coziness, nurturing. This moon is anyhow opposing Pluto, casting the light of our intuition to see the dark recesses of our ego and our minds. We will see our daemons, but with a renewed clarity that those are what we need to leave behind, and open up to Love and living in the moment. This energy might feel confusing and add a sense of restless, especially if you are still clinging to material comforts and external validation, and if you are actively seeking those things.

For how backwards this might seem: let go of the need to control people and events and get what you want, or to have this or that, or to win all arguments. Drop the “should’s” and all expectations. Make space. You will find happiness and light in the space you free within yourself, and as you start filling that space again with positive thoughts, you will be open to receiving.

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Last but not least, today we also went to park and we shot this 1-minute video where Jyothi reveals some health secrets of common weeds. Check it out!

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