I am realistic: I expect miracles

I am realistic: I expect miracles

In several posts, I made a point about following your instincts, your inner guidance, your intuition, and so forth.
While that is definitely something I believe in, we need to understand that you can only do so *properly* when you are really connected to Source.
A lot of people mistake their own ego games and desires for ‘inspiration’.
Many confuse Lust with Love.
Not all ideas and intuitions that you get are really inspired, unfortunately. Some ideas that people sincerely believe to be divine, could still be coming from their egos, but presented “in disguise”, with something that makes them look or feel good.

But then, how can you tell which idea is which?
Largely practice, like for many things; the practice in this case is about knowing – and accepting – yourself, with all of your wounds, your scars and your inevitably present dark corners (although you might be tempted to ignore them, nobody is perfect).
But before you can even reliably practice digging into your emotions and analyzing them, what helps a great deal is to be ‘clean’, starting from the inside out, of all those low, negative emotions that we assimilate when eating meat of dead animals that have lived miserable lives, mass-produced unhealthy food and scary medicines, stimulants (such as sugar and coffee) and crap from the media that comes our way continuously: the endless stream of bad news, but also shows and movies that reinforce stereotypes, or just a radio in the background with its commercials or commercial songs – these things all ‘add up’ to our emotions bucket during the day. When it’s full, it overflows. We receive all these impressions, but we hardly ever allow ourselves time to digest and process all those experiences. For some people the bucket is constantly full from the moment they wake up in the morning.

To un-tangle the knots, feel what our soul would like to tell us and get clear about which ideas and intuitions are divinely inspired and which ones come from your ego, first you need to make space. A lot of it. In your head like in your belongings, you need quiet to feel from the heart – try finding a very small item in the midst of a bag with a lot of junk… likewise, before you can think from your heart, you need to empty (at least some) of the crap which makes your heart and your mind disconnected from each other, and make room for dialogue between the two!

Detox (a healthy diet being the single most important factor), turn off your devices, take nice refreshing showers, spend time in Nature, spend some time in complete Silence if you have the luxury, learn to empty your mind and meditate: these are all actions that will lead you to greater awareness. You will become more aware of the reactions that your body gives you, in response to having had certain thoughts. The basics is that fear-based thoughts will make you feel cramped (which is why we call it ‘gut’ feeling, after all) and uneasy, while loving thoughts will always expand you and make you feel more whole. Good thoughts won’t necessarily be ‘easy’ ideas or projects to pursue; on the contrary, they might be ambitious and idealistic undertakings that push us out of our comfort zone, but they will always ‘feel’ right and not forced, because they are aligned with our Soul’s desire.

Don’t make decisions and choices with your calculative mind alone – the human mind can be tricked into agreeing with everything and with its opposite, given the right incentive. The heart, on the other end, will always know what is truly right for you.
Let your heart tell you what’s right for the greater good. The world needs us all to think more with our hearts.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading or consultation with us.

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