I have never played by the rules and I have always had a fierce loyalty to my instincts

I have never played by the rules

Follow your guts! Trust your instincts, as they don’t lie.

Have you ever met people who were polite and friendly and looked OK ‘on paper’, at the beginning, but you felt something was ‘off’? Was that feeling right or wrong? Did they later turned out to be nasty or manipulative (or both)? Why didn’t you trust your instinct when it was giving you an early warning?

And what about instincts and ideas that you might be repeatedly getting, telling you to do something, and make those healthy changes in your life? Listen to them: the next step that you feel inspired to take is spot on!

How many times have you dismissed an idea – that had initially excited you – as not being practical or possible? How often have you stamped something you thought of as just plain crazy? Maybe you were not quite sure that you really considered it crazy, but you were pretty sure that everybody else would have stamped you as nuts when hearing about it… don’t let other people narrow visions make you doubt! If some of those creative ideas keep coming, it’s because they want to tell you something! Besides ‘escapist’ fantasies or other instincts rooted in fear (which are to be politely dismissed without guilt), those instincts proposing positive actions are angelic guidance! You probably can’t see how each of these ideas fits in your logical plan. Chances are, in fact, that they won’t fit in your plan at all, but they will fit in the better, larger, Divine plan that’s waiting for you to show up; these are steps you are guided to take because they will teach or reveal you something. If you follow them, down the road, you’ll look back and you’ll recognize them as the stepping stones they have been. Don’t let fear or feelings of not being enough block you from taking your divinely-guided steps now!

Your ideas will grow and mature, and they’ll become real if you believe in them!
Take action while holding steady to the vision, but don’t obsess on controlling the outcome and don’t worry if you have not figured out all the steps yet – you will find them out, one by one. They will be inspired, because they always are.
Just have faith, because you do have the intelligence and the strength to accomplish all that you want to, if you trust your guts.

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