Oracle cards for September 18th 2016

Oracle cards for September 18th 2016

Today at the Sanctuary of Joy we picked some cards for you!

A) [Top left] from the “Native Spirit” oracle cards by Denise Linn, we pulled ‘Vision Quest’. This card recommends to withdraw from busy situations and people, and to retreat in meditation, or in Nature (or both); disconnect from the media, spend quiet time alone to be able to notice the signs from the Universe and go deep within yourself to understand what you really want.

B) [Top right] from the “Goddess Guidance” oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, we pulled ‘Mary Magdalene’. We picked this card before (in April); we have a write up of that reading that we invite you to also read. The key message of Mary Magdalene is to Love unconditionally, to understand that we are all one with the Divine and we all play our role in a much bigger plan, to go beyond the masks and appearances that create is-understanding and separation, and forgive everybody – including yourself – for what you think you have done wrong.

C) [Bottom left] from the “Romance Angels” oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, we pulled ‘Make the effort’. Many people feel un-happy and un-worthy: they hope Love would come to them, or a delicate situation would fix itself, but they feel paralyzed and unsure which way to go. They don’t take action, due to their fears. Nevertheless, if you listen to those signs and your inner guidance, you know what you have been prompted to do: do you get the same idea repeatedly about something you ‘should’ do, even if you don’t know why? If you are not trying to control the outcome of things but just have faith, if you just take every one of those small and seemingly-unrelated steps that you feel guided to take, then those steps will eventually take you closer to where you need to be.

D) [Bottom right] from the “Soul Coaching” oracle cards by Denise Linn we pulled the card ‘Abundance’. This card invites you to open up to receive the blessings of life: it is your birth right to live an abundant life! Release any fear you might have, any feeling of not deserving what you desire. Let those fears go and see that you deserve everything! Don’t worry about receiving, but give, give, give with your open heart – and you will naturally receive in return, if you focus on recognizing and being grateful for what you already have!

Have a blessed day,

Jyothi & Daniele

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading or consultation with us.

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