We are bigger than our bodies

We are bigger than our bodies

When my daughter grows up, I hope this sentence we captured will remind her of her innate wisdom she came equipped with: kids come to this world and they know that we are so much more than our bodies. Until we teach them otherwise.
But besides a body, we have a soul. And too often, nowadays, our soul’s needs are neglected, ignored, dismissed.
Too much focus on the physical appearance and only what can be measured according to our limited models (be it money, success, health or something else, a lot of what we claim as ‘facts’ are also just opinions and stories we collectively convinced ourselves of, based on some incomplete data…) are creating endless distractions and dis-functional individuals: our society tries very hard to make us forget what we already knew when we came here and, unfortunately, it often succeeds in distracting us from our path of self-discovery.
Many lives are spent miserably trying to make enough money to buy the biggest television available on the market, or a certain model of car – is that ALL, folks? Isn’t it time to stop identifying with a career or with a football team, or with a certain type of lingerie and makeup? Can we stop allowing our diseases, our conditions or our weight bring our self esteem down? Can we be stronger than fear? Can we instead use these things to learn the lessons they came to teach us, and evolve beyond them, and heal?

It’s important to remember who we are in all of our splendor, and all our dimensions, not just our shell and what the corporations tell us to believe, to buy, to eat, to wear and so forth.

We are bigger than our bodies because we have feelings;
We are bigger than our bodies because, whether we look pretty of not, our eyes can’t lie about our real intentions;
We are bigger than our bodies because our thoughts, words and actions create results or even lasting consequences in the world;
We are bigger than our bodies because we leave a legacy; our passage on earth leaves memories, stories and artifacts that can influence other people, potentially even centuries after our physical body is dissolved;
We are bigger than our bodies because we are all interconnected;
We are bigger than our bodies because we are one with Nature and creation.

If you are wondering who you are and what you came to be, if your days seem meaningless and identical to each other, if you became sick or feel depressed – then it’s likely you are searching for more meaning beyond what everybody is doing.

On this full moon we released a gift to the world to help you on the path of self-discovery:
“Get your life in tune with Tarot” is the book we have written about using Tarot with our intuitive method for self-analysis and discovery. Learn more at http://www.sanctuaryofjoy.org/en/get-your-life-in-tune-with-tarot/


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