Full Moon Pisces September 2016

Preparing for the Full Moon eclipse of September 16th, 2016

Under the whimsical and Psychic sign of Pisces, the Full Moon eclipse of next Friday, September 16th will be the last eclipse of the year, and a very powerful one.

Yesterday it was a very fire-y day, with Sun in square with Mars. You could feel the heat – inside and outside. Today we can work to leave all that fire behind, and feel the Moon entering Pisces, as it builds up towards its fullness, and we can start absorbing the more caring, nurturing and intuitive energy of this astrological sign.

These are highly transformational times. Anything can happen.

With this eclipse we’ll have one strong chance to heal wounds of the past, abandon old patterns and situations that don’t serve us, but we need to show up for doing this work and be clear about which side we are on. While your ego will still try to interfere and give you shiny escape plans, hold your vision and find strength in that. Let’s not choose the old ways and those broken patterns again; we have all clearly seen that they don’t really work.

PS – Kari Field (Anandashree astrology) has a very interesting writeup on this upcoming eclipse, explained from a Vedic astrology point of view http://www.anandastrology.com/blog/lunar-eclipse-of-the-fire-serpent-vedic-astrology

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