On some days, you might be feeling like a ‘Frog Prince’ from the famous fairy tale: you don’t think much of yourself, you look in the mirror and you see only faults, you feel trapped by limitations that have been cast upon you like a spell. But really, we know there is a shining prince (or a princess) in there, waiting to shine plenty of light into the world. How do you get him (or her) out of that limiting frog appearance?

Well, to start with, if you want to be kissed by the princess (or by the Fortune goddess), you might need to jump and get yourself a bit closer to the castle, just in case. If you take the first step, it’s more likely you’ll meet the princess where she hangs out. It sounds more effective than just waiting for luck to come and find you while you hide in the swamps.
Just sayin’…

PS – Quote borrowed from Bryant McGill.