I don't see borders, do you?

I don’t see borders, do you?

Our car is a 15 yrs old Volkswagen van, which we transformed into a camper. In one of the external rear-view mirrors, a spider has found home, some time ago: she lives hidden inside of the mirror case, behind the mirror, most of the day: I guess it probably stays cool, during the day, in there. At night, she comes out and she makes her web, hanging between the mirror and the car. Every morning, as I drive my daughter to school, the spider crawls back “indoor” and the her web gets broken by the wind. Later, when I am parked in front of the house, again, she comes out and rebuilds her trap.
She seems to be pretty happy in there.
She even went on holidays with us. She has been thru Germany, Czech republic, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, this summer. I am not quite sure she took her passport with her but, in any case, nobody asked for it.
I guess spiders don’t over-complicate those things like we do.

Countries are obsolete.
We – people, and Nature – are all one – we have always been, but humans were more dispersed and our impact was way more limited.
But nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to see it: the Internet has been connecting people from all over the world. We can go to the source of facts on our own, we can hear and read the stories from remote corners of the globe, straight from the horse’s mouth.
Local measures of censorship and control don’t really work anymore. There is always a way to let the information out.
People can see thru the bullshit of their governments and the media conditioning now, if they want to: it has never been easier.
It doesn’t mean that they all have the courage to act on their intuition and actually change, but more and more people can’t deny what they are seeing.
How many people have woken up this past year?
Are we at the tipping point, yet?
Can we realize that our human tribe is global, by now, and that the way we are exploiting Nature affects the entire planet and our own health? It’s not just France or Germany or America or Japan here – we are all in this together.
Can we look beyond the end of our nose?
Can we slow down the pace and feel some empathy for those who are less fortunate?
Can we find compassion, and the divine that lives within ourselves and our brothers and sisters and see that, beyond external differences, we are all just souls on a quest for joy?

“People are people, so why should it be
you and I should get along so awfully?” – Depeche Mode

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