Burn your demons

Burn your demons (tell your ego to shut up)

Tell your ego to shut up.
Burn your demons and your fears.
Open your heart and see how the good choices feel good and calm and empowering, deep inside of you. When you let your mind’s projections to take hold on you, instead, you spiral down with them, making them bigger, and often lashing out negativity.

Find your center in your heart. Open it up. Breathe deeply.
Let go of all fears and limiting believes.
See yourself as you truly are: divine.

As Jupiter leaves Virgo behind and enters Libra for the next year or so, we are entering a period or re-balancing masculine and feminine forces – this applies to our relationships but to the world as a whole. The challenge will be putting into balance and pragmatic practice the learnings from the many lessons this past Virgo period has brought to the surface and the emotions it has stirred up. The change begins within each one of us.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading or consultation with us.

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