I ask power from my angels

I ask for power from my angels

Our guardian angels – and other angels, and the archangels – are all around us and with us at all times. They hear our prayers. They are always ready to help us.

Unfortunately, all too often, we despair and try to do it all by ourselves; if we don’t explicitly ask for their intervention and help, our angels are not allowed to help us – or at least not more than a certain extent, or in other words: the Universe will still stir and move some good things in the background for you, to present you with striking opportunities and helping hands, but if you aren’t really flowing through life with full faith, if you aren’t even hoping in that help, then you might not see it coming, when it does – and it surely will.

Here’s an example I recently witnessed: on the way back from our holiday, this past summer, we were at the exit of the highway and we had to pay a toll. Approaching the toll station, we realized we had almost run out of cash. While it is usually also possible to pay with credit cards or other means, I knew the fee for this road wasn’t a lot of money, so I would have preferred to just have enough coins to dump in the machine and get rid of some weight in my pocket. As we were in the queue for the toll station, we started combining the few nickels that each one of us had, and I mentally prayed to “have just enough, or a little more”.
After collecting our bunch of coins together, the total amount collected was 3 euros and 30 cents. We couldn’t really see how much the cars ahead of us were paying at the automatic machine, given the sun and the distance, and that different sizes and categories of cars pay a slight different fee. From my gut feeling and experience with Italian highways, anyhow, the amount we had collected sounded like it might have been in the right range: either just enough, or just not…

Finally the queue is over and our turn comes! The display goes on for us and asks for exactly 3 euros and 30 cents. Wow – I think – as I start dumping the coins in the machine, a bit at the time. The coins go down fast with their metallic noises, the price on the display goes down as they get counted, one by one. My hands are empty now, all the coins are in, the counting is still happening.
Then all of a sudden the count down on the display stops before reaching zero, and I hear the last 10 cents coin getting expelled from the machine and returned. The machine keeps asking for the remaining 10 cents or it won’t let me drive further: there must be something wrong – a scratch or a dent – with that particular coin, and the machine can’t read it!
Until now I had been operating the machine from within the car, thru the open driver’s window. But in order to re-collect the coin I am just too far and I can’t reach it, so I am forced to step out.
As I stretch my leg out of the door I mentally think “help! what now?”, and I look down at my feet and, to my surprise, guess what?
A one-euro coin is lying there, two centimeters from the tip of my big toe! It was probably dropped by someone else in the queue before us, I think. Quickly, I collect the coin and dump it in the machine, smiling and mentally thanking my angels, then recollect the change (at this point I put in 90 cents too many), step back in the car and start driving while I can’t help laughing because I essentially got a discount from the heavens for the Italian highway, and this type of thing is exactly what reminds me that the universe always has a solution if you ask and look for it!

Have a wonderful day full of tiny little wonderful miracles,

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