I am the chosen one, just like everyone else

I am the chosen one, just like everyone else

You have been chosen – or you have chosen – to come to this world.
Your ancestors have lived amazing lives – of which you only know small parts of – to get to the point of making you. Genes of generations have been recombined to bring out that unique model of human being that is your one and only self available out there. Hundreds or thousands of years of evolution gave you the chance to be who you are.

Did you go through all of that trouble, in order to end up conforming, compromising your values, hardening up and living exactly the same life as anyone else, a replica of the same movie designed for everybody by a restless greedy bunch?

To me it sounds like you came here to shine your distinct variety of light, instead; to sing your unique song; to be the most alive and colorful version of yourself that you can possibly be. This is your chance.

What are you waiting for?

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