Your heart is the size of an ocean - Rumi

Your heart is the size of an ocean

I don’t think I could ever live too far from the sea, and – in all our many moves and relocation’s – we always managed to be in places where water was close by (less than half an hour drive).
There is something about the sea that always works its magic on me; it always calms me down and it grounds me. I don’t need to swim in it, but to just be in the salty wind and to listen to the sound of the waves on the shore is often what I need to turn a bad day upside down into a good one.

We all need the sounds of nature – the sea, the wind, the birds, the trees, the bugs… all of creation produces natural healing sounds and vibrations that we have gradually removed from our lives – especially in big cities with traffic jams, offices, shopping malls, factories, but even in our homes and in our cars as we tend to be all too distracted by electronic gadgets that only work on the level of our minds, not our hearts, and make us busier and more restless, not calmer.

But we need Nature in the outside world to remind us of our own inner nature. Being close to nature, respecting it and admiring it, allowing its beauty to fill our hearts, has the power to bring us back to a center where we know we are part of a wonderful whole. Communing with Nature makes us enjoy the togetherness and forget about the separateness.
Spend time in Nature, this weekend.

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