Heaven is only for angels with beautiful spirit like yours

Heaven is only for angels with a beautiful spirit like yours

This is a drawing, with a sentence, made by one of our kids several years ago. We can’t remember if it was Luca or Joshua, and they are both still asleep as I am writing this; we’ll ask them later who the author was.

This drawing recently emerged out of an unsorted document pile that had been relocated a few times, and we found it really sweet.

Isn’t this a wonderful spiritual message and a great affirmation to start the week?

Kids are so in touch with Source, and being a parent is a honor and a privilege, because when they come to this earth they are so pure, they show you what really matters in life and you can learn so much from them! While parenting requires setting healthy limits and boundaries too, the challenge is to do it always in a loving and respectful way, if you want to honor their soul and you don’t try to mold them into what is expected by society; there will be plenty of other people around them who will already do that. Your role as a parent should first and foremost show that you are a dependable person, but that you can also stand tall, ignore everybody out there and how they think you should live, and be truly and fully yourself.

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