Creativity trumps fear

Creativity trumps fear

Expressing yourself creatively is a great way to gently tap into your intuition and your unconscious mind, and be guided by them for a while – in a safe environment – to see where they lead you.

Creativity can be expressed in many ways: for some people is writing, for some people is music, art, photography, acting, dancing, cooking, baking or some other kind of activity.

You don’t have to be ‘good’ at it – but if you never do any of those things and learn find pleasure in them, you might be just using your rational mind too much and not allowing your soul any outlet!

Are you in fear? Anxious? Having troubles sleeping? Restless?
This is a good time for listening to your intuition and recalling back your dreams while you are awake. Try to write – or paint – them out. Listen to them. Give them a voice.

If you are not used to it, it might feel like getting out of your comfort zone and that the rational part of you is resisting it. Our mind likes stability, it wants to control and won’t easily let go. But it gets better over time. Ask your inner child for help. Wake him or her up! Try to go back into your own memories, and remember when you were so young and you had no concern, you were joyous and would so easily flow through life.

You knew you were a creator, before painful experiences convinced you it was safer to doubt other people, and yourself.
As an adult, if you only listen to the mainstream media, your company’s mantras, the bad news and the commercials of whatever kind of ready made industrial product they want you to buy that day, you might end up feeling dis-empowered. If all of that makes you feel that you only work like a dog, that you never have enough, that the world is a bad place and that nobody loves you, then it is time to shake up the cobwebs and start reclaiming your creative power. All of the creator’s power exists within each one of us, and all it wants to do is to shine, if we don’t lock it up in a cage of fear. You can be all that you want to be.

We hope that you get some wonderful idea or insight today, and that you go out there and create something beautiful that enriches your soul.


PS – Daniele has previously written a series of posts on his blog about his own experience of how music helped him get out of his fear and the mask he was wearing, which starts at

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