How wonderful that nobody needs wait a single moment before starting to improve the world

Change yourself to change the world

It is us who decide whether we want to be happy or not;
it is always us who make that choice, every single day, in everything we do and how we approach it.

Do you live to please the expectations of others?
Are you living a life according to someone else’s plan?
Are you worrying too much about what everybody else thinks?

On the contrary, are you having too many expectations of other people – of how they should live their lives and what should they do for you?

When we push others, is because we feel the need to push ourselves, we feel we have never done enough, that we don’t deserve to be happy if we have not suffered first. And when we judge ourselves continuously, we also become overly critical towards others. Others get tired of being affected by us and leave us, or we actively push them away because we are trapped in the illusion of not deserving joy. It is a vicious circle, which starts and begins with ourselves.

“We can block the channel to joy and nothing blocks it so much as morbid self-pity” – Swami Paramananda

Today, find the time to just be, without doing too much and without expecting others to do things for us.
Everything is happening is perfect, divine timing. There is no need to worry or hurry. You are safe and protected.
Relax. Take care of yourself. Forgive yourself. It is by changing yourself that you change the world. One individual at the time.

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