Choose your addiction

Choose your addiction

One great thing of having being born in Italy is that I had a chance to study latin in high school, which is interesting to understand where some words came from, their original meaning and how this changed over time.

‘Addicted’ derives from Latin ‘addictus’, which roughly means ‘assigned to’ or ‘dedicated to’, or even ‘bound’ or ‘enslaved’ in its more negative meanings. Nevertheless, there are many instances where this is used positively. In other words, this ‘assignment’ or ‘enslavement’ could be voluntary or forced, vocational or coerced, based on the circumstances.

Horace used the term when he wrote “Nullius addictus iurare in verba magistri” which has been translated as “I am not bound over to swear allegiance to any master”.

In today’s society, advertising, movies and video games create tons of seductive images that can hypnotize and arouse us, even if many of the dreams that those images evoke will never be attainable in real life. Many people are enslaved to these seeded images and desires. Many of these people choose to become bill boards for those same messages, by wearing ‘branded’ clothes and buying iconic products which they then carry around and go ‘viral’. Many compete with each other about having the latest technological gadgets, they feel the need to use air conditioning even at mild temperatures – just because their new car is equipped with it – or spend hours at the hairdresser to look more like their idealized mental image of ‘sexy’ – which is not really their own, since they have received it, pre-baked and packaged, from those movies, music videos and commercials and from all the other beings that do all the same things and help amplify that thinking.
Some people are addicted to shopping for clothes or shoes or jewels.
Some are addicted to bad news and worst case scenarios.
Some are in love with their own drama.
Some other people are addicted to work, and that addiction is one that is often referred to in positive terms such as ‘drive’, ‘passion’, and so on, and it gets not just accepted, but definitely encouraged – sometimes even expected – by a society that values money above humanity.
Some people get killed while crossing the street because they can’t take their eyes off their smartphone’s screen (whether they were playing the Pokemon thing or reading work email makes little difference at the end of the day…).
Some people have to see certain sport events, television shows, have a certain latte at a certain hour, get a beer or some other ‘fix’, sooner or later in the week.

We all have our fixations, and the list above might not match the mental image of your stereotypical ‘junkies’ created by the media and the pharmaceutical companies in the 70’s, but I am pretty sure you’ll have recognized something or someone in there.

All of this is driven by fear: in many cases just the fear of ‘not making it’ or ‘not having enough’ or ‘not being pretty enough’. But since these desires are often pumped in our brain by those invasive commercials and the people around us, spreading like a plague, we should rationally recognize that those desires are way too many for each individual to ever possibly attain in one lifetime. Many of them are also pretty futile waste of energy. Therefore, if that’s the premise, with that model we can be sure we will never have enough for each and every one of those desires. But we should also get down to earth and realize that we actually need a lot less, and that we will always have enough to satisfy our real needs – which should include our soul needs – and live an abundant life.

We find that not enough people are addicted to beauty, to love, and to doing inner work, which would give them a view of real abundance and the inner peace they are now searching in all those ‘external’ things they are doing and buying.

We think there is a way to dream our future into being, while taking practical steps towards it. But it starts with dropping those distractions and doing inner work to get past those fears, and be willing to change. You cannot expect the rest of the world to change just because you would like it to be different, you have to change yourself first.

Finally, we hope you get addicted to finding yourself, your greater meaning, your purpose, your joy, what your soul really wants, and to leave a mark of your passage on this earth that will make a difference. That’s what we are all here for.

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