Oracle Card on the beach

Oracle cards for August 23rd 2016

This morning, inspired by Rob Brezsny’s horoscopes, we decided to take it easy and go to the beach with our rainbow-striped umbrella, therefore not even writing our daily post, as we usually do.
After all, the weather was good (which is not the norm) and this is also the last week of summer holiday here in Holland, before the kids go back to school.

While on the beach, we pulled the two cards that you see in the photo (from Doreen Virtue‘s ‘Ascended Masters’ and ‘Goddess Guidance’ oracle card decks, respectively – from left to right), which confirmed us that we were doing the right thing.

Are you connecting with Nature, today, and being easy on yourself?

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading with us.

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