Nothing is wrong with sexuality but that is the lowest form of love

Nothing is wrong with sexuality but that is the lowest form of love (Osho)

Sex is great, but it’s a mean, not an end.
Too often this gets confused.
It’s not about the shape, the form, the physical act.
The focus of love making is on mutually growing yourself and your partner – through states of higher awareness – into more loving beings, and then integrating that awareness in every day’s life, together.

Love making is the most intimate and powerful exchange of sacred energy, and it requires complete trust of the partners: this is not something you would just do with anyone, just like you would only trust a specific partner to perform at the Circus on the flying trapeze with you. You would choose your partner carefully, making sure he or she can be trusted to catch you and won’t let you break your neck. You would also most likely want to use any possible moment to practice together and get more attuned to each other – to make an even better team who feels safe from falling – rather than dispersing that energy and practicing similar performances with everyone who wants to ‘give it a try’ but is not really committed.

A Love Relationship, a Sacred Marriage, is like an ongoing performance of flying trapeze, that requires constant dedicated attention, focus and trust, and that makes you reach great heights.

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