Life is abundant

Life is abundant

August 15th is a Holiday in Italy, unknown to many. This tradition dates all the way back to the Romans – August 13th was already a day dedicated to the nature goddess Diana and, later, Emperor Augustus implemented the holiday on the 15th as a festival of harvest and abundance. People were basically allowed to celebrate the results of their hard work in the previous year.

The catholic church appropriated the date and made it relate to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Nevertheless, the spirit of the pagan celebrations of those ancient roman farmers is still in the air on this day, especially in small towns and villages.

Even if today is not a holiday, in the place you live in, try anyway to get into this spirit of appreciation for all that you have! Look at how many experiences you have had. Look at the people you love and who love you. Look at your teachers and elders. Look at the people you had a positive influence upon. Look at the gradual and steady progress you achieve in the things that you put your focus on. Look at the signs and the miracles that surround you at all times.

Life is abundant. Today, celebrate it.

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