Thy will be done

Thy will be done (Saturn went direct)

As of yesterday (August 13th), Saturn – which has been retrograde since March – went direct.

The past few months have been a period of introspection, discoveries and buried memories re-surfacing.
Attempts to control things have been frustrating and external things stood still for a while during this intensely emotional period.
It is likely that, at this time, you will come to some sort of understanding about what Saturn has been trying to teach you while it was retrograde. Make no mistake: these are important lessons – some maybe hard – , deeply affecting the way we see the world, how we stand for ourselves and what we believe in.

Sometimes the lesson is just that we need to accept things as they are, surrender to the Universe’s timing and have faith. All set-backs are just temporary, and things will eventually start rolling again.

A few days ago, on the last night of the WAO Festival, I lost my camper van’s keys in the grass. At night. It was very dark and there were all sort of people dancing and stomping all over the place on that grassy hilltop. The situation made me panic at first, because that was the only copy of the key that we had with us, and we had to leave that place the morning after, and drive 2000 kilometers to get back home! It felt vital to find those keys.

I called a couple of other people to help look around with flashlights and we searched for over an hour, but we could find nothing. I was really tired but the situation made me nervous: everything had gone well so far in this holiday and at the festival, why did I have to self-sabotage myself and mess up the situation at the last minute? I was mad at myself.

But after some more time, I realized there was little I could practically do right there and then – that night – and that I most likely would have had to wait for the light in the morning; after all, the van was already open/unlocked and we could still sleep in it as long as we did not lock ourselves out. Maybe the key would have been found, or we would have figured out another way to start the car in the morning.

So I decided to pray before sleeping: ‘I really need to go back home tomorrow, I need the keys. Please don’t leave me now, help me find them. Either way, thy will be done.’

I then tried to go to sleep but I couldn’t. I had developed a sort of acceptance of the situation, and the prayer had calmed me down as I had surrendered to a higher will – but there was still music going on, and I had used my brain to search the keys and think of a solution, and that had made me awake again. Also, after the prayer, I kept hearing in my head that I should try to search just once more. This did not make sense to my tired rational mind, but nevertheless I decided to go for one last – probably useless – walk with my flashlight, to search once more in all the areas where I had walked already 20 times before and had found nothing.

But this time, as I was finishing my walk and heading back, the flashlight hit something shiny and metallic in the grass: could they be my keys? I squeezed my eyes behind my glasses to focus better and, sure enough, my Linux-Penguin-key-ring was laying there, smiling at me, under a small crescent moon slice and the led beam of my flashlight!

I fell to my knees and raised my arms to the sky, thanking the Universe for having answered my prayer so quickly!

We forget a lot of times that we need to ask the Universe for help, rather than try to do it all alone. We don’t control the outcome of things anyway, isn’t that better to flow and accept things as they are, rather than stressing about them?

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