Eat organic

Eat Organic

Hi there! We haven’t been able to post for a while – we had little and then no connectivity for a few days while travelling. We have been on a trip around Europe (from Holland to Germany, Czech, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and back) and at the WAO Festival 2016 – where we were officially registered to showcase and sell the guitars and instruments that Daniele makes, but we also did several card readings and promoted yours truly the Sanctuary of Joy.

We have also been interviewed by the press and featured in this video (in italian) on the topic of parenting.

On the first couple of days of the festival it was really hot weather, and we had eaten up all our supply of fresh fruit and vegetables that we had previously bought! Sure, we still had plenty of bottled water with us to drink, and you could also buy fruit juices and other green stuff, but of course having your own is usually cheaper. To our rescue, the weather changed and it brought rain (just for a day) to refresh the air, and a long-time-not-seen friend showed up at the festival and greeted us with fresh fruit (delicious peaches and water melons)!

Especially during summer, remember to drink plenty and eat fresh veggies and fruit. Buy organic as much as possible and avoid processed food, as it is not made with the heart, but in factories that only care about making profits, not about your health!

Anyway, we are back and we will start posting more frequently again!

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading with us.

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