Crowley Tarot on the beach - August 2016

Tarot card reading and astrological tips for August 2016

This time around we pulled three cards from the Tarot deck that was created by all-famous occultist Aleister Crowley. Crowley died in 1947, and he never saw his deck published. Largely, this was due to his own perfectionism. Nevertheless, it is one of the most known, influential and used tarot decks out there.

“[…] The Thoth Tarot is a divinatory tarot deck painted by Lady Frieda Harris according to instructions from Aleister Crowley. […] Crowley originally intended the Thoth deck to be a six-month project aimed at updating the traditional pictorial symbolism of the tarot. However, the project was to span five years, between 1938 and 1943, as its scope grew ever wider. Crowley and Harris were meticulous in their work, and Harris painted some of the cards as many as eight times […] The first full publication was by Ordo Templi Orientis in 1969 […]” – source: Wikipedia ( )

For the beginning of the month we pulled the Seven of Wands (Fire). This card represents an invitation to express yourself creatively, stand up for who you really are and strike the iron while it’s hot. It’s going to be a period of great activity, and there will be opportunities manifesting for you that you really should not miss!
Also consider that, on August 2nd, the moon will be new: whatever it is that you are busy with and have been working on, the new moon’s energy will help you re-assess existing conditions in the light of new information and increased awareness that you have gained during the past cycle. As the moon starts growing, so will the energy and intensity. You might have to solve some problems or work on redefining balances of authority, but you know you are strong and you have a favorable position. You can bet that this period will be quite a ride, that the universe is ready and willing to help you, and that it will. But you need to ask for it! Expect to get new ideas, raise your hopes and wish your dream coming true – maybe when looking at shooting stars, which are so abundant in this period of the year (at least in Europe).

For the central part of the month we have the Ace of Swords (Air): it is a card that speaks of completion and birth (or re-birth). A process of transformation is complete, and it will be time to really get out of your cocoon and spread your new butterfly’s wings. Do not hesitate, as the time you hesitate is wasted time and won’t come back. There is no re-run.
The sword is an instrument of change and here it represents the need to make a decision. The ‘Air’ element is all about the mind: the sword of reason will have brought you clarity and your communication skills will be key to achieve success in whatever you have set your mind and heart to do, once you step in your courage!

The card we drew for the last part of the month is The Hermit (one of the ‘Major Arcana’). This card symbolizes a period of rest and introspection. After all that has happened, we have got more consciousness of where we are at and where we want to get. This is a time to withdraw from the distractions and drama of the world, in order to focus on your own spiritual development, digest all the impressions you’ve had and meditate on the next step. Follow your intuition, listen to your feelings, rest plenty and analyze your dreams. You will gain insights that will allow you to crack problems in non-linear ways, opening new points of view and allowing for no-stress, no-drama, win-win solutions that your sheer rationality had not been able to conceive. The Hermit also hints at the possibility that you might find (or have recently found) a teacher, guru or counselor to help you in this process, or that you might want to start a routine of spiritual exercises with more commitment than in the past. It is even possible that all the things you have learned and understood, by now, will have made you an example for others, just by the way you are living your new life and by showing how much determination you have been pouring into changing yourself for the better.

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