Yes Ganesh Volkswagen camper van

On saying ‘Yes!’, Ganesh and camper van miracles

This is a card from Doreen Virtue‘s Ascended Masters Oracle cards deck, which our son pulled. It felt very appropriate, since we are currently on holiday, travelling around Europe with our camper van, which I incidentally named ‘White Ganesha’.

Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. It is the Hindu deity to call to get helped, while keeping a positive mind set, to clear the pathway. Your prayers will be answered.

So far, this road trip is being full of revelations, insights and small miracles.

For example, when driving out of Germany and into Czech republic a couple of days ago, it was busy on the road and it was getting warm. We were hungry, and in a few occasion during the day our nerves had been tested. And yet a clear help always manifested itself. For example, we could have stressed and obsessed about the Internet not working on our phone when we were approaching Prague and trying to find a campground. Instead we let it go, and I prayed “Please lead us to drive by the perfect camping for us easily and without effort.”. About 20 km later, we had spotted and followed some not-very visible signs on the road and we were setting up our place at this very nice campground – cleaner and cheaper than the one we had left behind us in the morning.

The day after, we saw a sign for a small chapel, and we took a turn from the main road. It turns out that the road which led into the forest, was muddy – so we got stuck where we parked and the front wheels of the van would spin endlessly in place. This was a place that our GPS showed as ‘unnamed road’… anyhow, we did not get mad and we did not lose hope. We went for a small walk in the surroundings, found the chapel (which was a cute little chapel with an old-fashioned graveyard next to it, sitting on a nice meadow), and our daughter found a beautiful, but already dead, butterfly. She and her brother decided to bury it in the graveyard as well, and they did that (they dug a hole and made a tiny cross with two sticks held together by knotted grass).
Along the way we also noticed a building site (a farm or other country building that was being restored). At the building site we were able to borrow a couple of planks of wood, which we slid under the wheels of the van to get it unstuck from the mud. We found it quite symbolic that, even with the planks of wood, we were not able to get the van unstuck by driving backwards, as we initially wanted to do; it just wouldn’t work, no matter how hard we tried at first! Eventually we had to attempt the same operation driving forward – which felt scary because there was extremely limited maneuvering space – and I was successful in driving the van out of the mud! As the proverbial ‘cherry on top of the cake’, while we (the adults) were busy with getting unstuck, the kids found a bush with the most delicious wild raspberries I had ever tasted in my life! Having the guts to say ‘Yes!’ to life and move forward got us rewarded twice.

In the evening, in another country and many miles later, we again found a camping with the method used before. I am now writing this post under the most beautiful starry sky you could ask for, with the last quarter of the moon looking over me like the cheshire cat from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

You might have noticed that our trips have very little planned ahead, and we just flow thru places and situations.
That’s how we roll.

What’s your favorite way of travelling?

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