Summertime is here

We are on holiday, traveling around Europe with our camper van.

This photo is shot on the shores of a small lake in (former east) Germany, where we are currently camping, and we pulled the card in the picture from Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Messages from the fairies” oracle cards.

There are a few ‘well known’ places and cities where we will stop at during this holiday, but in general we prefer to avoid crowded and busy locations. We prefer nature and calmness. Often we get off the highway and we just drive long bits on the less beaten path and on byways, where the scenery has been not spoiled by ‘progress’ as much.

We slow down, we listen to the signs and we discover places and small things that you won’t find in tourist’s guides.

We hear the birds, we smell the flowers, we look for berries and butterflies. Especially helped by our kids, we notice little frogs and bugs in Nature.

We buy fresh veggies, bread and honey by the local farmers in the natural breeze, rather than processed food in supermarkets with air conditioning. And it feels so good.

Moving from place to place and camping take you down to basics. They make you see how very few material things you actually need to be happy. They remind you of how much more human you feel when your focus is just on being with the right people, rather than surrounded by ‘stuff’.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading with us.

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