I realized that God was only a projection of something else

God is Love

We believe that God is Love, and that’s too big to fit into one name and into one religion only. In our view, the basic message of every religion is that God is Love. If you read scriptures from all religions, they all agree that God loves all human beings.

In essence, all religions point to the same truth. They just do this in their own different ways and with different names, based on the different cultures that gave birth to each religion, and the way that each religion’s interpretation of its own words and scriptures has evolved (often got distorted) over time.

In our age and society, as soon as the word “god” is mentioned, whoever listens cannot help but immediately see a mental image attached to it. This image is different based on society conditioning, largely based on where you grew up and who your family hanged around with, and which one of these religions you were more exposed to.

All these different images create separation when they get interpreted literally, but they do point to the same Source.

No one can grasp the entire truth, and every one of the religions and their prophets described and explained what they understood and how they understood it, all of which is true, but it just a part of the whole truth. Largely, this is because words are so limited.

Nevertheless, Free Will to decide what to believe for ourselves is a wonderful gift that God gave us.

“A woman is looked upon as a sister by her brother, as a wife by her husband, and as a daughter by her father. No matter who looks at her with what viewpoint, she remains one and the same. In the same way, God is only one. Each person sees God in a different way according to his attitude.” – Amma

PS – the quote in the picture comes from Catherine Ann Jones’s “Way of Story Writing” course.

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