Oracle card: Spiritual Law of Attraction

Oracle card: Spiritual Law of Attraction

The general mood has been a lot easier already yesterday, after the full moon has released its energies, and the moon entered in Aquarius, starting a new cycle of the zodiac. Old weights have been let go of. Insights have been received. Energies have been put in motion, steps have been taken.

More than everything, you noticed how you are at your best when you can relax into just being yourself and not be concerned about other’s opinions. You received some clarity that it is time to stop trying to please everybody, and stand your ground. Do what’s best for you – not in a selfish way, but in a way that protects your energy and aligns you with your greater ideals.

Others might not understand. Do your thing anyway.
Everybody out there has an opinion, but they have not lived your life, they have not gone thru your experiences. Trying to ‘fix’ everybody and explain your version won’t do either, and is not necessary. You only know how strong you really are, and you should love yourself for that.
Nevertheless, you should also love the other: this does not mean becoming their toxic emotions dumping ground – in fact you should step away when that happens that is standing your ground and caring enough for yourself to decide you don’t have to take that! But at the same time try to have compassion and quickly forgive them and let go of any resentment towards them, for what they might have said or done.
When words and actions of other people hurt us it is because those actions and words resonate with our own wounds and our own unworthiness feelings. Or vice versa – something we did or said (which we might not have realized) triggered some unhealed (often unconscious) wound and makes them snap and react harshly. It’s typically not personal (despite what their ego might be suggesting them in the heat of the moment…). You don’t have to react to every drama.

Today we pulled a card from the ‘Ascended Masters Oracle Cards’ by Doreen Virtue: ‘Spiritual Law of Attraction’.
This reminds us that the situations and people that we attract in our lives are those that mirror our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. We make our own destiny.
In our lives, we set out intentions, we hold thoughts and we perform actions. That’s all that we do, and that’s how change occurs in the world. The choices is always ours to dream, to think and to take action for of a better world, or to endlessly worry about a much worse one and do nothing about it. What we focus on, grows.

Melchizedek is mentioned just in a couple of small passages in the Bible, starting in the 14th chapter of the book of Genesis. And yet, in Christianity, according to St.Paul in the Epistle to the Hebrews, Jesus Christ is identified as “a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek”. Some other texts classify it as being the same as, or a manifestation of, Archangel Michael. Some say this is Noah, who had been saved and brought the old wisdom to the post-flood world.

However you want to call this, he delivers the very old and true teaching on eternal life. The spirit is one of kindness and generosity. In the book of the Genesis, he gave Abraham bread and wine. He was generous and he shared what he had. That’s it. He knew the law, that like attracts like, and that if we give with an open heart, we’ll get abundance in return and the Universe will support us.
Generosity – an open heart – was his example. He did not expect anything, he gave selflessly, and he attracted good in return.
Whenever in doubt, ask him for strength, and to help you change your thoughts so that you focus on the positive.
And so it is.

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