Help ever hurt never

Help ever. Hurt never.

The Moon – which is almost full – has entered in Capricorn last night. There could be still ‘jumpy’ energies today. After all, Moon and Sun are opposing each other almost perfectly (that will happen tomorrow – which causes the full moon), and it is interesting to note that the Sun (male, fire) is in Cancer (female, water, emotions, ruled by the Moon), while the Moon is in Capricorn (male, pragmatic, hard working patriarchal figure…).

In this mix-match, relationships demand an evolution, and our divine male and divine female aspects are facing each other, with a Moon that is less emotional than usual, and more pushed to ‘ground’ itself – due to the Capricorn. We can take a look rationally and calmly at any issue from all possible angles, if we partner with each other and find opportunities for evolution and growth, rather than seeing problems. This is true in a couple, or more broadly as human beings in society. Blaming others for our misfortunes (perceived or real) ultimately hurts everybody involved, including yourself.

When we give generously, when we share the small joys or resources that we have available, when we help our fellow human beings, when we are of service: it is then that we find true happiness and deeper meaning.

Things tend to look grim only when we obsess over them, and when we get overly preoccupied with our own worries, insecurities, paranoia…
Don’t listen to your Ego. Drop those worries. Your perceptions are making things worse than they are. You might be turning mosquitoes into elephants. You are still recovering from the intensity of last week, and you feel you have been spreading too thin, lately: it is harder to keep our emotions in check if we are not healthy, not rested or fed properly, or not loving ourselves.

You need to take care of yourself. Whatever life throws at you, know that you have what it takes.
Stop giving yourself such a hard time!

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