I am safe and blessed

I am safe and blessed

When we wake up early, in rainy Holland, we have chances to see rainbows.
Just like this morning.
I admit it: the rain on the roof was noisy, and it stimulated my system, so I woke up – not very happy – at 5 AM from vivid dreams and I had to run to the toilet.
But then, while on the toilet, I saw the sun was rising on the east. As I came back to the bedroom, by then also Jyothi had woken up, and she opened the blinder on the window to the other side, and we were greeted good morning by the wonderful rainbow in the picture!
I have a busy day ahead later today, so I could do with an early start – and inspiration – to write today’s post. The universe provided that. Then it stopped raining.
How can you not have faith when the signs are all around?

The moon enters in Scorpio today. With this energy, we long for an end to the small talk, we see the bigger picture, our natural psychic/intuitive abilities are enhanced, and we are willing to go to the root, to the core of things and understand them deeply, because only from true understanding and acceptance we can take action towards change and healing.
Scorpio likes to solve mysteries, is fascinated with the dark side, it knows the power of truth and lies. It knows that it is only when we are really honest that we can connect with others on deep levels. Scorpio’s energy needs to uncover the truth of things, even if it can be blunt in doing so. Luckily, the other astral connections today are very beneficial, and Mercury still in Cancer should help us communicate with grace and compassion even when the truth might not be pretty. Anyhow, the main conversation could still be that with ourselves and with source, and facing our own demons.
You’ll have to keep your thoughts positive.
Evaluate your ideals, your intentions. Keep listening to your inner compass. Affirm who you are. Assert what you need.
Keep track of where ‘conditioned’ thoughts – that you would not like to have, that you don’t feel align with who you really are – pop in your head. Your body has the answers – the body knows when your thoughts diverge from who you are, and when they go astray from your soul’s longing. Feel it in your guts and in your hearts.
That’s the indicator we are given to work with.
But don’t beat yourself up for having had those thoughts! Give them love, hug the wounded inner child and tell him everything is gonna be all right.

This is also a perfect time to finish boring tasks and clear up clutter.

Whatever you do, today, love yourself. You are safe.

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading with us.

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