Find your joy in the small things

Find your joy in the small things

What do you really need to be happy?
With all our sophistication, we forget that we need the little things in life the most.

I enjoy enormously just being close to nature, following the birds flying in the sky, hearing the whisper of the trees, observing little bugs, flowers, the sun-rays. I feel connected to mother earth. I feel I am part of the amazing miracle of creation. I enjoy the silence – or rather the absence of noises from ‘civilization’: cars, radios with crappy music, negative news, commercials, etc…
It also costs nothing.

I don’t know what your favorite ‘little thing’, that makes you feel better and nourishes your heart, is: it could be baking cookies with your kids, or flying a kite, or taking a nap, or playing guitar… Either way, today is a perfect day to honor your feelings and do just what makes you be filled with joy. Not what others say you should do, but what you feel is best for your well-being.

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