Debris from the past are stepping stones to new heights

Debris from the past are stepping stones to new heights

What have you learned during the last couple of days? Hopefully you have managed to get more grounded and balanced, you had plenty of insights, you felt better and you got something done.
Yet today some of that balance might be tested. It’s like the Universe checking if you can keep it up.

The challenge is to integrate the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves. Temper the fire with water. The wild with the civilized. Yin with Yang.
The beauty and the beast both exist within each one of us.
How can we hold compassionate space for the beast in our hearts, without being carried away by it? We need not to repress it nor fight it, rather we should kindly and patiently tame it. Give it Love and acceptance. Learn to divert the bestial instincts of rage, anger, fear into a place where they can be acknowledged and respected, but not acted upon. Channel that force and energy into a creative and positive contribution to the world. Rise up from the debris of your pains and scars, for those are not confirmations of your inadequacy nor failure; those are the stepping stones to your greater awareness and your new abundant life!

According to Chinese medicine, it is when Yin and Yang are balanced in our body that our life force (or ‘Chi’, called ‘Ki’ in Rei-Ki) can flow freely. Mature strength is about having unwavering faith in the goodness of life and flowing freely thru its events and manifestations, gracefully following the path of least resistance.

Detach from the restlessness of inessential worldly desires that don’t contribute to the greater good, choose the path of wisdom and walk with an open heart, recognizing your divinity. The strength to create a different world is contained within you. What type of world would you like to create?

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