You have the freedom to be yourself

You have the freedom to be yourself here and now

There are a lot of interesting connections going on in the Astro today. A lot of trines and sextiles today – these allow the planets involved to support each other and harmonize their energies. We also have a beautiful combination of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Virgo. It would be tedious to go thru all the details, but to cut to the chase, you should all feel more energetic and less random, more focused, this morning.

But don’t immediately try to over-do! Last week has been pretty intense.
Here the stars are guiding us to dance at the rhythm of creation. Focusing means being ‘in flow’, in the present moment. Mars and Venus with Mercury are swinging on the dance floor today, while daddy Jupiter and the Moon – who are also attending the same party – negotiate mystical trade-offs with Pluto and Neptune at the bar.
It’s a perfect day for just about anything to happen. Life feels at its fullest. Listen to your body when it asks you to pause, to eat, to rest, to leave yourself thinking space. Take time for self care, allow still pauses in between the action. Relax and replenish emotional reserves. Do it at your own pace. You are coming out of a very intense period of gestation, where you might have retreated from the world and cocooned. Your world stood still while you were transforming.

Now the butterfly’s ready to spread its wings and fly for the first time but it still hesitates as it isn’t quite sure how the whole ‘flying’ thing will work out, yet.
And yet today, for the first time in a while, a great part of the worry that was keeping you wavering has faded. You are infused with new faith.
Enjoy your flight!

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