I'll be brand new tomorrow

What did you dream last night?

What did you dream last night?

Pay close attention to your dreams, with this Cancer New Moon we had yesterday, which released some very powerful energy, connecting us to the things and the values that really matter for us in life. Yesterday’s experiences and energy has been prompting us to get back to basics. It has showed us loud and clear what is really important. The new moon was also opposite of Pluto, which might have stirred up some deep rooted fears, bubbling them up to the surface. Have confidence in yourself: this is because you are now ready to tackle them and finally grow beyond them!

Now it’s time to turn within and connect to Source.
To tap into your intuition.
To meditate.
To believe your visions.
To listen to your feelings.
To work with your dreams and your inspiration.

Wisdom cannot be revealed of explained or taught; it must grow in your soul. It cannot be accelerated and mass-produced.
Seeds can be planted, but you need to show up for them, water them and attend their growth, day after day.
It takes a lot of trial and error, a lot of patience, and the greatest understanding is that none of that time is wasted; it is just learning time that is necessary in a much bigger plan. You don’t have to feel guilty for your past mistakes. You can’t hurry resolutions either. You have to work through the path, step by step, and see where it leads you. There is no shortcut.
Think of it this way: when you travel by car, sometimes the road leads you into beautiful landscapes, and here and there there are viewpoints, where you stop driving and rest for a while to admire the beauty of the external landscape and maybe take some pictures. The spiritual journey teaches you to do the same with your own inner visions, dreams and intuition: give them time and space to bubble up, and explore them. Doing this largely implies saying ‘No’ to a lot of distractions and making yourself and your ‘down’ time a priority – and then admire the gorgeous realms of our unconscious, the aliveness of our impulses, the sparkling exuberance of our fantasy, in all of their divinity. The spiritual path teaches you when to speak and when to keep quiet, when to act and when to hold back. At heart it teaches you to overcome your ego so you can find that inner peace that you are longing for.

You can take your time to digest and integrate your new understanding and awareness and still soak in the Cancer energy for a few more hours (as I am writing this), today.

The moon will then enter Leo later today (Europe’s evening time), and this will provide some courage and an inclination for creative endeavors, allowing some practical steps after we have meditated and organized our thoughts. More about that tomorrow.

Excuse me
But I just have to
Explode this body
Off me

I’ll be brand new
Brand new tomorrow
A little bit tired
But brand new

– Bjork, “Pluto”

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