To have and not to hold

To have and not to hold

Once we found an old, half-rotten potato hidden in the back of a cupboard. We didn’t think of it much, and it ended up being tossed into the yard from our balcony.
We did not have any expectation whatsoever, we certainly did not have to pay Monsanto, and we technically did not even plant it, but to our surprise, a potato plant started growing, and some time later we had a lot of new tasty potatoes on our table!

This is how mother nature gives: without attachments, without expectations.

Being a parent is learning to be more like mother nature, and it’s not a light responsibility.
You know your work will benefit future generations, but you should shed any individualistic or narcissistic drive from what you do.
Do not expect anything in return for what you do.

Don’t work for personal benefit, don’t work for money, greed, accumulation, fame, or to secure something – including expecting that your kids will be around you and support you later in life (since we started with mentioning the parenting ‘job’).

But in any type of occupation and important relationships, and really in all areas of your life, work and give selflessly!
Do it because it feels good to do it; or don’t do it. But don’t feel guilty about it, if that’s what your heart desires.
Doing the work – any work – with expectations, typically results in a job done crap. That approach will lead you to take too many shortcuts, only focused on finishing, rather than on attending the work itself with your full loving presence and care.
Doing the work with full focus and presence, with no attachment, just really determined to do our best because we feel it’s the right thing to do, it’s what makes us happy and produces the best results. The time it takes is the time it takes, without letting the ego (your own, or someone else’s) create artificial pressure.

We didn’t ask anything to mother Nature, nor did the half-rotten potato. And yet, Life was stronger than fear, and just because the potato was not dumped in the trash bin, new life sprawled.

Walking the spiritual path helps a lot, because you start focusing on these little every day miracles, rather than the fearful and neurotic topics that the mainstream media and companies throw at you. But even on the spiritual path, be careful of who you follow – listen to your heart and don’t go for the ‘sensations’ and the ‘wow’s. True wisdom is found in simplicity and humility. This is what having an attitude of abundance really means, not the shiny lights of the Diva’s.

Today leads us into tomorrow’s new moon, and this represents a cycle that is closing: a cycle in which you have made a great progress. Beware that there are still some unresolved emotions that might stir up conflicts or power struggles especially between generations, i.e. father with son, mother with daughter, etc

For us, this astrological alignment is pretty interesting, as our oldest son turns 18 years old right tomorrow, on Monday the 4th: it definitely feels like the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one!

* To fully understand how the energy of this period can influence and affect you on a personal level, book a one-on-one card reading with us.

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