When you look into the eyes of another

Do to others as you would have them do to you

Some major astrological shifts are happening today/tonight (I am writing from a European perspective).

First, the Moon will move out of Aries and into Taurus. Moon in Taurus brings about an energy of generosity to the next couple of days. This energy speaks of sowing seeds of Love without attachments, and without thoughts of personal gain.
Do not be worried about not having enough. Give, and take Joy in doing that! Recognize your abundance that is already there – you have so much to give, and the Universe always provides you with just what you need, when you need it! Feel that the other persons and the animals and plants are not separate from you; that we are all one, made of and exchanging the same universal energies with each other, in all that we do.

With Mars retrograde – that has been going on since April – we have been pushed to dig deep into our past, and into discerning our heart’s true desires. Later tonight, Mars will go direct again.
Now I imagine Mars, the warrior God, waking up from his dreams – that gave him ideas and insights – and getting his armor and gear ready for action: Mars turning direct will give us the opportunity and the energy to practice the understanding and the choices that we have internalized in the last few months. As from tomorrow it will be prime time for putting energy into action and really walk our talk and put in practice the theory that we learned until now.

If the above was not enough, tonight also Mercury will enter Cancer (in which it will stay for about a month)!
Mercury entering Cancer, while the Sun is also in Cancer, will bring a general ‘softness’ and an emotional awareness to our communications and interactions. We might experience vivid emotions and an increased awareness of our own and other people’s feelings. This is wonderful if we let this work in a direction of understanding and compassion.
What we say will be infused with feelings more than with just dry logic – but don’t let some of those emotions take you astray!
Keep your focus on the positive ones. Focus on Love. Compassionately see yourself in all human beings – Love yourself, and Love the others, for we are all all connected, and we are all one.

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