All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us

It’s Monday, I know: It’s hard, and it might feel like it sucks.
But it’s part of a bigger picture – never forget that!
The pain and struggle is there for a purpose, even if there and then we might not see it.
Rather than battling and struggling with it, you can transform your suffering into an opportunity to go inwards, analyze yourself, and grow spiritually.
Truth is, without suffering, you would have probably never approached your own self-development and spiritual growth. All pain, in a sense, is ‘growing pain’.

Be aware that the energy is still jumpy, right now, and with Mars retrograde in Scorpio (going on till the end of the month or Jun 29/30 – depending on time zone) and with the Moon today moving from Pisces into Aries (changing compassion for some fire and assertiveness), it might be a tempting energy to jump into fights.
Refrain! Use your mind and logic to control your emotions, instead. Be honest and true to yourself and to others, and look at all sides of a situation. It is not time for action, right now, but the stillness won’t last long: once Mars turns direct again in a couple of days we’ll have less distraction and will be able to better focus on actions that actually make progress rather than waste energies debating. The vision will have become clearer.

In the meantime, humor goes a long way in easing tensions – but make sure those jokes are not passive aggressive attacks in disguise! Finding the irony and the small fun details in whatever thing happens – that is much better.
This is no time for drama.
Have a great week. Have courage!

“To love is just a choice. We choose love, or we choose fear; we cannot serve two masters.” – Don Miguel Ruiz

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