Flow like a Jellysifh

Flow like a Jellyfish

Good sunday, everybody!
Today we pulled an Oracle card from the ‘Secret Language of Animals‘ deck by Chip Richards.

The Jellyfish is a fascinating animal. It has been on this planet for over 1 and a half billion years. By contrast, the modern form of humans only evolved about 200,000 years ago.

Jellyfish doesn’t really “move” by itself: its body, made of 99% water, relies completely on the currents and winds to make it flow where it needs to be. All that it needs is provided by the flow of the tides.

Also, it has no central brain but an intricate net of nerves that makes it ‘feel’ the world. Too often we get feelings and intuitions from our body and we ignore them, or we have never been taught how to interpret them, as we were getting trapped in our heads.

Jellyfish is a great reminder to stay ‘in flow’ and surrender, and let go of un-necessary actions and the need to control things.

Trust the wisdom of the Universe and your vibes, not the small daily quarrels on stage on the theaters of politics and commerce!

“Man, in the contemplation of Nature, need not to contemplate his external self.” – Ansel Adams

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