When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world

When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world

Saint John’s day has been assimilated by Christianity, not unlike other recurrences, stating that June 24th is the birth day of St. John the Baptist, but its roots are older and pagan.

This whole past week, starting with the Summer solstice of June 21st (exceptionally happening on a full moon this year!), and up to June 24th, must have been a time of great celebrations with witches and druids gathering back in the times when this was considered the beginning of the year! In fact, we are now fully into a new solar cycle.

The Sun (fire, masculinity) has entered Cancer (associated with water/emotions, moon and femininity). The union of the two opposites talks of the great alchemy of creation: the God has blended with the Goddess on the longest day of the year. The intentions have been set, the rituals have occurred. The portal is closed.

Now it’s time for action, and we are entering a new year of successful creative endeavor and manifestations, maintaining that balance, and bringing light and beauty into the world.

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