Life is now

Life is now

[…] Jean “Django” Reinhardt […] is regarded as one of the greatest guitar players of all time; he was the first important European jazz musician who made major contributions to the development of the guitar genre. After his third and fourth fingers were paralyzed when he suffered burns in a fire, Reinhardt […] relearned his craft in a completely new way […] and used only the index and middle finger of his left hand on his solos. He created an entirely new style of jazz guitar technique […], which has since become a living musical tradition within French Gypsy culture. […]

source: Wikipedia

We have all been beaten up. We have all suffered immensely.
What counts is that we do get back up but, in doing so, sometimes we build up walls of defence: we have been deeply hurt, and even as we get out of the bad waters we remain on the look for the next bad thing that can happen. We become so obsessed looking for problems that we can’t believe all that we have, as if we don’t deserve any of it… we become attached and afraid that we might lose what we have, that we might or will be hurt again… and if we spiral down deep enough, we will actually start pushing good things away ourselves!

The media thrives in these vibes, always ready to show confirmation that the world is a bad and scary place, and it keeps you hooked into lower vibrations.
Don’t believe them! Don’t panic along! The sky is not going to fall today!
Even if it did, recently, you are now recovering from that, and you made it thru it!
You can relax now and you can surely tackle what will come next. Trust yourself!

All that you have gone thru was not a punishment. Over time you’ll be able to put in in perspective and see the reasons.
Loosen up your defenses now, open up and feel: you are alive and kicking, the worst days are behind, not ahead!

As you are healing from a bad situation, today you might look at yourself and see how much you have grown and learned.
You’ll see that you kick ass.

If Django re-learned to play the guitar with two fingers and invented Gypsy jazz, imagine what your renewed self can do, once you also realize your scars are now magic reminders of how strong you have been and always will be, and once you will start loving them.

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