Be your hero

Be your hero

When I was a little kid, on some rainy Saturdays, I used to play with my dad. One of his favorite games was to lay out on the desk a ton of little plastic soldier figures, representing entire armies from different times and regions, and set them up for improbable ‘duels’ outside of the socially approved time line. In other words, the desk was our time machine and the stage for the epic battles that the history books weren’t talking about: would Alexander the Great defeat Napoleon? Could the Nazis conquer Genghis Khan’s outpost, or would they perish in the attempt? And those Roman soldiers, what strategy would they employ to disperse the Victorian British army?

I was not into war, and neither was my dad.
We were both just role playing and story telling.

We were being curious and asking ‘what if’, and listening for inspiration. We had ‘boy’s toys and that’s what we used to travel thru time.
We were creating parallel dimensions and making the impossible, possible.
My dad was happy, and he could fully be himself.
He didn’t have expectations of me, and neither did I.
Genghis Khan had just as much right to win or lose than the Nazi’s, and we had compassion for both sides.

I dreamed of this last night, and it was a revelation of how human history keeps repeating itself, and all of your ‘fantasy’ permutations are just as valid as what is said to have ‘really’ happened. All of the exterior, seemingly important, details don’t alter the essence of the human archetypes at play, nor do they change the dynamics of the emotions between people.

Should I and my dad have limited ourselves to just re-enact ‘real’ battles between armies that actually co-existed in the same historical time frame? Heck no, that would have been boring! It’s stories that we feed on, but what brings us the greatest joy is found not in believing or accepting only ‘vetted’ and packaged stories, but in making and celebrating our own stories!

In your own reality – which is all you have – all things ‘really’ happened, since you do remember them: your dreams happened, your fantasies happened, your nightmare happened. It’s all part of your reality, and they have all shaped you, they all influence you – whether those memories would ‘makes sense’ or not, and whether they would be ‘approved’ to be in a history book or not.

Nevertheless, the stories you create and consume do write a book: they write your own life story, because it is on the stories you store and believe that you base your every day’s conscious (and mostly unconscious) actions. If the stories you keep playing in your head are beautiful and empowering, your life will be great. If those stories beat up your self esteem and trigger your ego’s lowest desires continuously and enslave you, you’ll feel miserable all the times, and everybody and everything will seem to run away from you.

Now that you know that your book is essentially your ‘automatic pilot’, would you prefer to fill it with meaningful stories, or with blockbuster’s stereotypical and predictable plots? With poetry or with bad news? With creativity of with worries?

Wouldn’t you rather be your own hero, and take charge of your own story?

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