Love is stronger than fear

Love is stronger than fear

Today we all wake up to our new selves.
In the last few months we have planted new strong seeds and learned many tough lessons, we have all done a large emotional cleanup.

This summer Solstice happens together with a full moon, and it might be your only time in this life that you see such an astrological alignment, as it happens about every 60 years!

Every full moon is a portal, and so is the Solstice: the gateway between spring and summer, the Sun leaving Gemini and entering Cancer – the most ‘homey’ of signs. The power is therefore double, the energy is high, and you might have felt the pressure in the last few days as the moon was growing: wasn’t everybody and everything pushing some limit? Did you or do you still feel very emotional? Now the gateway is open, and we are entering a time of hope and patience. Step in.

Trust that your efforts will be rewarded, but don’t expect to see results immediately. Keep working towards your goal. Nurture, water and patiently wait for your the universe to also do its course. Your seeds were strong, and if you stepped in the portal with integrity and good intentions, you have nothing to worry about.

Blockages you’ll encounter will be more perceived than real, or in any case only temporary. You’ll be tested, tho; we’ll be all tested, and this can be un-nerving. But it’s from that ‘uncomfortable’ place that we often gain insights and clarity about what we really want.

[…] Have you ever wondered why those days exist
When life just seems to be a conspiracy against you
I don’t know where the answer lie
But I try not to get hung up on the questions

And I burn like a good bonfire
In whatever I do
Burn like a good bonfire
And I know I’ll come through […]

Lamb, ‘Bonfire’

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