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Daily Tarot: Three of Wands (Fire)

When I was a little kid, I was a bit of a monkey. With the help of a chair, I used to climb up on the top of a big cupboard, and I was sitting up there, under the ceiling, observing the cities, the castles, or the space stations that I had previously built with my LEGO and neatly arranged like in the set of a movie. I was spending meditative times up in those clouds (not differently in concept than later generations have done and are doing in their computer graphics worlds), observing those scenes from a distance, meditating on all the possible stories that could be taking place in those worlds I had created.
Sometimes my granny was more on the watch (she was scared for me climbing) but I still managed to sneak IN the cupboard and stay with the door open, but sitting as far back as possible, and observing my creations from there, like if I was watching thru a large window or some sort of gate. Yes, I admit it: I also closed the door and tried to watch thru the lock, once, but you couldn’t really see much and the stupid key would not come off anyways. So that was enough peeping for me.

There was some clearly visual aspect to my behavior: I liked to ‘frame’ the picture and stamp a memory in my mind of something from the distance, from a detached advantage position. Much later I started doing that on camera. I was composing pictures, maybe even motion pictures, in my play time.

But I now realize there was also a more profound and spiritual meaning to this process: I was detaching from the scenes and the worlds I had built, and going either up (to the skies?), or in an enclosed space (a cave? a monastery? a king’s palace?) to later observe how those – now ‘autonomous’ worlds would do once left on their own. Of course, besides the LEGO train – which could move thru a simple electrical engine and was roaming in circles or in eight-shaped circuits – those scenes would have looked pretty ‘static’ to other observers. But to me, all sort of buzzing of life was going on, and stories were being evaluated in what-if scenarios.
You could say I was practicing storytelling in one way, and maybe analyzing past life’s memories and meditating on possible alternative outcomes and choices, like in a playful review of ‘how did I get till here’ and ‘what could happen if’.

A lot of adults find meditation difficult because they have forgotten how to play, and have replaced that void with worries.

There is a liberating sense in detaching from our own stories and look at them from the distance. A sense of confidence that everything is going to be all right.
You have dreams for the future, passion and energy, but you can’t directly control the outcome of things in life.
Just work honestly and for a sincere goal, not for competitiveness, and give your worries to God.

Be confident of your capabilities and gently take time to reflect and express yourself and your emotions openly and honestly. Don’t speak or act when guided by fear, only by Love. Have joy in the process. Find freedom, strong of your heart’s clarity and simplicity. Formulate plans for even better things, visualize them, watch for the magic of the universe to do its course.


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