Silence is the language of God

Enjoy the silence

It’s OK to allow yourselves alone time, and silence.

Make no mistake: this is not the silence of innocent victims of violence, this is not the silence of ‘half truths’ and lies, this is not the silence of staying entrenched behind a wall hiding our emotions, and this is not the silence of not speaking up for one’s rights, or for the greater good.

This is the silence of getting away from chaos and speed of the modern society, to reconnect with Nature. It is the silence of just being. Of feeling the moments of pause in between your thoughts. Of consciously focusing on love and light, and expanding those moments. The silence of meditation.

Each and every day we all have continuous and quick interactions with many people, many superfluous meetings and debates, phone calls, a continuos flow of information on our smartphones, the noise of the air conditioning blowing in the background, cars driving nearby, ambulances, airplanes, renovation work down the street, factories, just to name a few noisy things that we consider ‘normal’.
Yet this doesn’t seem to be enough for many, as they need radios and televisions in the background and a lot of other ‘entertainment’ and devices and activities that never make them pause, and feel who they really are, too distracted by all this noise. A lot of people are very scared of being ‘bored’, they can’t stand doing nothing for a little while and just relax, recharge, and be still. That might just be too confronting with the daemons in ourselves that we have not rationalized and we don’t want to see, so we always find distractions.

Almost without noticing, myself and Jyothi have started waking up earlier and earlier.
Most people suppress the symptoms with tranquilizers, or worry endlessly about their insomnia.
We analyzed how this has likely started after a scary episode of the past, but then we have began using this time to enjoy the silence, and connect to each other, when most other people are still asleep. At this hour you don’t hear any voices, no cars are driving, you don’t hear the neighbor’s vacuum cleaner or your own washing machine, you don’t hear blips, clicks and buzzes of computers and microwaves, you don’t hear coffee machines, airplanes… you just hear silence and some birds starting to sing to welcome the new day.
A lot of the posts on this blog (but not this one you are reading right now, as today we did sleep till later!) are also written in the quiet of those morning hours.

Turn off the noise, and allow yourself some silence, too.


PS – I am also pretty sure a lot of smokers are not addicted to smoking itself, as much as to the moments they allow themselves to go out in the open air, look at the clouds, and just be for a moment.

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